Microsoft Anti-Virus - This is a free version but still worth using. (Microsoft did this one right.)
CCleaner - This tool is great for many reasons. It will help you keep your hard drive clean and also will prove to be a great security tool for all your data. It is also available on every platform you may run.
Spybot S&D - This is a great tool that is a must have for everyone.
GEEK SUPERHERO - This will help with your browser hijack.
spy ware blaster -Spyware Blaster doesn't scan and clean for spyware - it prevents it from ever being installed.
SmoothWall - A pretty good tool to play around with. Just have to see this one for yourself.
avg antivirus - There is a pay version and a free version. The free one is really good just not all the bells and whistles. Allows free downloads as well.
Free-AV - Another free anti virus program. This one has the ability to detect malware software and a few other hidden gems out there.
ilSystem Wiper - Cover your Internet, Windows, and P2P tracks with this free download.
Wincry - A pretty good File encryptor.
ZoneAlarm - Free firewall program. Works very well.
KGB Keylogger - A good way to track what your children are doing in chatrooms, IM, and much more.
Internet Tools:
LEECHGET - This is a unique download tool that does just about everything that you would want.
MediaMonkey - A multimedia player for use with iPods and any other MP3 Player
IM on Steroids - If you like IM like ICQ, AIM, MSN etc.. here is one to beat all.
EZSitemaker - Web site maker that is easy to use.
Hijack This - Did you know that your browser is always under attack. Well we heard about this one and just had to give it a try. We think you should too. This one will also help with those pesky programs that embed themselves into your browser.
MYIE2 - A new look for you IE browser. A few new tools too.
Opera Web Browser - A free browser to replace IE.
Firefox - This is one of our favorites to replace IE with. Fast and very few pop-ups.
FireTune - A program to help you give Firefox a tune up and speed boost.
Thunderbird - This is a nice replacement for Outlook Express. Check it out.
===Netscape 8 ===- Well this name might ring a bell to some of you old schoolers. Well it’s back and brought to you from AOL now. This time it is based on Foxfire so take this one as something to try.
Kids Play Ground - A kid safe browser that parents can password selected sites.
Live Writer - Blog alot? Well this tool will help to give you personality.
AM DeadLinks - Tired of dead end links in your browser. Try this out.
go2pdf - Print to PDF without using Adobe Acrobat.
BullzipPDF - This has become my favorite PDF printer. This one has many bells and whistles one would want.
CutePDF - Another good PDF converter. Be sure to get both the program and the converter from this page.
burn for free - Free CD burning software.
iDump - A program that will allow you to pull the songs off an iPod to PC.
Peer2Peer - This program allows you to connect to another computer across the net to transfer large files. Very useful if you need it.
IZARC34 - This has been a pretty good zip utility you need to check out.
madboot - Do you just need a boot disk. Well check here for your answers.
Zipgenius - Tired of you Winzip and Winrar. Well try out this one. Works with all the zip files.
Audiograbber - This little tool will pull your music apart to burn unique CDs of your own.
TracePing - Here is a network tool that will help you with network tracing.
Replicator - A program that will allow you to back up your files to almost anything.
XP-Antispy - More of an advanced tool but very effective
Belarc Advisor - Ever want to know what is in the box your are using. This will give the answers you need.
iColor Folder - Change the colors of your folders. Nice little tool to help keep things together.
FreeUndelete - Recover the files deleted by mistake.
Logon Studio - Want to change the screen you log in to Windows with. Well use this and make one of you own.
Webshots - A screen saver that allows you to use you pics as a slide show. Some other good options too.
Ultimate Paint - Just like it says a replacement for the paint program we have been using for years.
Vectromedia Software - This site has many downloads for you to check out if you need a relaxing environment for your PC. There is a great handful to check out.
Enhanced Virtual Desktop - Have multi desktops just for your changing.
SCUMMVM - Here is one for some old schoolers out there. It allows you to play some of your older games in your new environment.
SETIathome - Ever wonder what lies out beyond space. Well here is your chance to help SETI find out.
Desktop Customizers - Here is a wide range of programs to help you make Windows the way you want it.
Stellarium - A very good free program to find the stars. This is a need to check out.