MegaCypher - Here is a nice little encryption software package for you.
Cryptainer LE - Yes another encryption software package for you.
spy ware blaster -Spyware Blaster doesn't scan and clean for spyware - it prevents it from ever being installed.
PC Security for your PC - This will lock down your system and you will need a floppy to boot from as a back up if you forget your password. Worked well for novice users.
OmniQuad Software - You just need to check out this download page. Everything from privacy software to pop-up blockers. Some free some cost.
Lavasoft AD-aware - Another spyware program. From free - $39.95. Take a look.
Safeguard pop-up Blocker - Another free pop-up blocker Pro Edition.
mysql -This is a free enterprise database utility. Very good if you know how to use SQL.
SmartFTP - This is a ftp manager to help with all your FTP needs.
Squid - A free open source proxy server for UNIX systems
Ubuntu - This is an Opensource Server UNIX base. This one of all the free UNIX servers I like the best. Very fast and also has workstation OS that works very well with the server.
Abyss Web Server - Another free for personal use web server OS.
Apache Server - A needed ad on to almost any server you plan to host your internet site.
XAMPP - This is an all in one Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl.
Office Applications:
openoffice - Yet another free program that could replace the high cost of other office programs.
602 PC Office Suite - Another Office program. Takes very little Storage space for the quality.
602 LAN Suite - A very good LAN management tool. Everything from DNS to E-mail
PC file recovery - Recover some of those files you deleted by accident.
TurboNote - Post-its for your PC.
jdiskreport - A hard drive utility that will help determine the status of your hard drive.
Putty - A free open source telnet program.
jv16powertools - Here is a tool box for you to try. Many tools for everyone.
SamSpade, Netcat, NMap, NTop, RSS Validator, W3C HTML Validator, Wc3 CSS Validator(Here is a list of just some stray network tools for the advanced user that we have found).
Brava DWG Viewer - View AUTOCAD files and some other good tools as well.
===DEV C++=== - This is a C++ compiler from Bloodshed Software. We have used this one and have had good results from it.
===GNU Pascal=== - Another compiler from Bloodshed this one is for Pascal. Also has worked well.
===Programmers Heaven=== - We call it this because here is a list of free compilers that you might need and not want to pay a huge price for. Might want to bookmark this one.